Drawing inspiration from the maxim “Innovation, not Imitation”, CrackTech embarks on its journey towards excellence.
Our unwavering commitment to creating original products propels us forward, as we refuse to resort to imitation in our pursuit of progress.
At CrackTech, we prioritize creative thinking and innovation, empowering our employees to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible and create new trends in the industry.

Our Products

Live MCQ™

Virtual Exam Center

Live MCQ™ is a Paid, Ad-free, and first-of-its-kind Virtual Exam Center in Bangladesh. The Android and iOS app was downloaded 900k+ times.

Medical Higher Study

Residency, FCPS, Diploma Preparation at Home

Medical Students can prepare themselves for higher degrees like FCPS, MD, MS, or Diploma after they complete their MBBS degree.

Live Written™

Virtual Exam Center for Written Preparations

The users can participate in real-like written exams and submit their exam scripts for expert review through this app.